• How to set up on owners association

How to Set Up an Owners Association?
Panorama Homes Network helps to set up owners association. This is a very important matter and all the procedures should be completed according to the Turkish Law (K.M.K)


1. Agenda
This should be covering all the matter which will be discussed in the general meeting and there should be 2 different meeting days on the agenda and there should be one week between the dates. This agenda should be sent to owners address in Turkey with registered letter to make it official. The same agenda should also be put up on the information board of the apartment or the complex. First date of the meeting requires having %51 of the owners to attend the meeting with power of attorney or in person. If there is not enough attendance at the first meeting, then second meeting will take place and this meeting will be carried out without majority.


2. General Assembly
General meeting will be carried out according to the agenda. There should be an attendance list (Hazuran list) and all owners should sign this list including the people with power of attorneys. After signing the list, the conductor and the secretary for the meeting should be elected. The secretary will take note of all the discussions and the decisions made in the general assembly and the conductor and the secretary will sign the minute after the meeting. This minute will be sent to all owners. During the meeting, the general assembly will choose the board, the treasurer, authorise the yearly estimated budget, rules and everything that can be discussed.


3. Decisions Book
This book has to be stamped by notary and all the decisions which are made in the general assembly will be registered in this book together with the attendance list. During the year all the board decisions will also be registered in this book. If an administration company is hired then they should be authorised to open bank accounts in the name of the association, deal with Tapu office, Telecom, PTT, the municipality, police office, lawyer etc on behalf of the complex.


4. Registration book
All the expenses during the year should be registered in this book. This book also has to be stamped by notary.