• Kompleks Yönetimi

1.  A complex management can among other things:

Ensure that the rules and regulations, which apply for the complex, and which express the wishes from the majority of the owners, are being followed.

Do the accounting for the complex according to Turkish laws.

Handle the collection of communal fee

Maintain the pool, the garden, the elevator, and all other communal areas.

Make sure that a possible care keeper fits the needs of the complex.

Make sure that safety precautions are functioning.

Communicate with tax-, insurance- and other local authorities.

Report regularly to the elected board of owners association.


2.  Why people need complex management

Provides better living conditions for the entire complex without any problems for the individual.

Makes sure that all is done according to Turkish law.

You have a trustworthy and reliant partner that can communicate with the authorities and others.


3.  Why Panorama Homes?

Turkish company, with English, Danish, Dutch and German speaking employees.

Many years of knowledge and experience in stair management.

Good contact with the local community.

Transparent way of management

Trustworthy and honest with good references.