• Service Package

To have a service package with PH can be compared to having insurance. You pay to have a security for fast and competent help in case of any problems. Beyond this safety, there are some other concrete and obvious reasons:


1.  Monthly check-up
 A monthly check-up in your home prevents the development of damages over a longer period. Our employee will check the entire property and read the electric and water meter, to ascertain if there has been any usage that can indicate leaks or similar. A toilet that runs for only a shorter period can cause a gigantic water bill. While our employee is in your home he will open the windows and let in fresh air.

 After a bad weather we will make sure that everything is fine in your home, and check if the drains on the balconies are functioning.

 If you are coming in the wintertime, we will put on air-condition, on request, so your home will be nice and warm.

2.  Insurance
You can of course choose not to take out a policy, and depend on your luck. But if you want insurance, PH will help you choose the right one.

In case of insurance damage, PH will handle all the necessary paperwork with the police and other authorities, just as we would make sure that everything will be repaired. But this is only possible if we have been given a power of attorney.

If an accident happens or a break-in and you DON’T have a service package, then you have to pack your bags and come to Alanya to fix the problems – talk to the insurance company, find people to do the repairs etc. and hope that everything can be done before you have to go home.

3.  Payment of bills
 Water, electric and insurance etc. have to be paid of course. Except from in Alanya it’s not possible to make automatic payment for anything besides electricity. Other bills will be delivered in your mailbox here in Turkey, and has to be paid manual. It is not possible to get the bills sent to your home country; you have to collect them from your mailbox and pay them yourself. If for example your electric bill will not be paid, then after 3 months the power will be cut off and the matter will go to a lawyer.

4.  Property tax
Your property tax must be paid twice a year. There will not be sent out any collection – you have to go to town hall and pay it. If this doesn’t happen there will be some penal interest.

5.  Participate in owners meetings
If it is not possible for you to attend owners meeting, it is reassuring to be represented by a person who knows the language and all the rules. A lot can be forced upon you if you are absent and do not have anybody to represent you, and it can also end op being very expensive.


6.  Assistance in case of sickness and other emergencies
If you are unfortunate, and get sick or injured during your stay in Turkey, it is satisfactory to be covered by PH’s service package. Because through us you are part of a deal with a private Hospital – the most new and modern in Alanya – who makes sure that the ambulance or doctor can find your address – a very important thing for foreigners, unless you are very good at explaining where you live.


7.  Contact with the constructors
If your constructor no longer does repairs in your home, our team will always be ready to help you.

8.  Contact with the authorities
You can always contact PH for Danish, English, Dutch, German or Turkish speaking employees, and get help; sending for the police, talk to different authorities, fill out necessary papers etc.


-Monthly check-up of your property

-Payment of your bills ex. electric and water

-Payment of your property tax

-Arrange insurance for you property

-Representation of you towards the insurance company regarding potential claims.

-Arrange transfers to and from the airport.

-Help you with healthcare and other emergencies 24 hours a day

-Help you get your residence permit (if requested)

-Arrange your electricity and water meter connection

-Arrange telephone line / internet (only with valid residence permit)

-Participate in owners meetings on your behalf (if power of attorney is given)

-Provide cleaning service

-Provide laundry service

-Help you with car rental

-Arrange satellite connection

-Help you with furniture shopping

-Help you decorate your house

-Stock up your fridge on arrival day

-Help you book excursions in Alanya or around Turkey

-Organize birthdays, anniversaries or special dinner arrangements

-Help you with getting special discount cards

-Help you try to find a cheap flight

-You can use our office if you need to photocopy, check your e-mail, etc.

-Maintenance, repairs and alterations of your property can be arranged by our service department. While the job is being done we supervise and make sure that no unauthorized persons will have access to the property

If you have special requests beyond this, you are of course welcome to contact us, and we will try to oblige