• Company Profile

Panorama Homes Network is a well-known and respected company, through 12 years. Our keywords are service, credibility and communication. We provide the service within European standards, with a touch of Turkish hospitality. 

We are a multilingual team, who besides Turkish, speaks Scandinavian languages, Dutch, English and German. 

Some of our best qualities are credibility. This credibility we have built up after 12 years of experience. We have a team of professional people working with us. From accounting - of course with professionel accounting software - this secures your complexes financial situations. We work with lawyers, which guarantee that your complexes are managed according to what is demanded by the (KMK) - Turkish law for Apartment and Complex management. 

Apart from that we have a staff who can communicate with you, when they come to your houses or the complexes that we manage. In our office is also coordinators who will coordinate what is needed to fix eventually problems as smoothly and quick as possible.

We have good relations to the authorities, and insurance companies, which makes it easier for you to have a house here in Turkey, and gives you the freedom to relax and enjoy your holiday here.